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Just start, even if it's in the middle.

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Many of you have been here. Half way through life and we have to start again. What you see is what you get. How you see it makes all the difference.

A blended family can survive AND thrive.

It's fall of 2012 in this picture. The photo above is real. You can really see what we are thinking. Jake is mad. Drew is cheesy. Josh is happy to be in the middle of people who love him, etc. Sure, your family and life is far from perfect but, they are still your family and/or loved ones and you want to remember them when you glance at the hall table on your way out the door and see your crew. You also want to be able to flip the pic face down when you're NOT happy with them.

Yes, this is what I call the "Middle of Life". This is where I chose to start documenting my story. Like many good stories, this one will have both flashbacks and looks into the future. After years of people dropping their jaws at the thought of 5 sons, 4 sons and 1 step son (more later on that), I decided it was time to start putting our story out there for all to see that it CAN be done. I hope that as I share the successes and missteps, maybe something will help you feel hopeful. Maybe you'll see your crap isn't so bad after all. Maybe you'll be inspired it can be done. Who know's, maybe it will convince you that permanent birth control really is a good thing. Whatever you get from this, maybe it's a laugh or two or possibly a bit of understanding of life through the eyes of 7 people. almost halfway through their life. The other 5 have been through adult situations during their early years and they find themselves trying to understand life.

Divorce, divided homes, wonderful family events, police visits, laughing, crying, we've seen a lot. You probably have also. I have chosen to share the nitty-gritty of some events, the more shaded version of some to stay appropriate yet as real as I feel needed.

Meet Mike. Just a dude trying to make things work.

44 years old at the time of this photo. Look normal? Yes and No. Follow to learn

I will add to this story to catch you up. I will also just, "Start in The Middle".

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